Do I have to use your caterer?

No. The CLC recommends using one of five preferred caterers, but it is not required. You may bring in your own licensed caterer for an additional cost with the exception of our Geist Center.

2022-08-10T23:51:23-04:00Aug 10th, 2022|

Is a damage deposit required?

Yes, a separate check of $500 is required. We do not cash the check unless outside alcohol is brought into the CLC, if a guest/guests damages the property, violates the contract OR uses outside linens.

2022-08-10T23:50:25-04:00Aug 10th, 2022|

Is the CLC handicap accessible?

Yes. All of the event spaces accessible to guests are located on the 1st floor of the CLC. There is elevator access to the 2nd floor so the wedding party can use the Bridal and Groom’s Suite. There is also [...]

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