In The Spotlight

2017-09-06T15:51:37-04:00Mar 17th, 2016|In the Spotlight|

Back in October, A CBS News crew spent Saturday afternoon filming at the Community Life Center (CLC). Their report, scheduled to run on CBS This Morning later that month, talked about how we perform the mix of funerals, weddings, and other events at our facilities. Mark McCrocklin, General Manager/VP Sales & Operations, spent weeks coordinating their visit with the CBS freelance producer and also provided them with background material. The reporter covering the story was Mark Albert.   Mark interviewed Bruce Buchanan, 4th generation owner, Jennifer Korb, Event and Hospitality Manage and the bride, Rachel McCullough (nee Pippen) who was getting married that day.

Thank you CBS This Morning for showing the world what CLC is all about!

CBS Images